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Where are you located?

Peru Moto Tours is located in the city of Cusco, Peru – the Inca capital and UNESCO World Heritage Center. We are two blocks from the Plaza de Armas/main square of Cusco. Calle Saphi 819, Cusco, Peru 080. GPS: S 13*51122, W71*98484. 3476 m.a.s.l.

What are your office hours?

Peru Moto Tours is open 08h30-19h (closed 13-15h for lunch) Monday to Saturday. We only attend to reservations on Sundays.

What languages do your staff speak?

Peru Moto Tours staff can speak Spanish, English (depending who is in the office or who is your guide!). Please feel free to write to us in Spanish, English, or whatever language you are most comfortable – we will try our best (and Google Translate is pretty good!).


How do I make a reservation?

Please contact us via our website (the Contact Us form or direct to our email [email protected]) with your request. We will let you know if there is availability, send you a quote, and let you know any other information related to your request.

What are the payment methods available?

You can pay the deposit for a reservation with PayPal, Western Union or International Bank Transfer. If you are in Peru, we can give you our local bank account details and you can make the deposit at any of their branches/agents. Whichever method you choose, the transaction costs are those of the client. In the office of Peru Moto Tours, we accept cash (PEN or USD notes not ripped/overly worn) or credit card (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Diners).

How much in advance should I make my reservation?

It is best to make your reservation as early as possible. We have a limited number of guides, or motorcycles, or ATVs, and so it is best to contact us with your request as soon as you have an idea of your date(s) so that we can let you know if there is availability and send you a quote. A reservation is not confirmed until you have made your deposit so if you decide to wait, you may need to contact us again to check availability or if any prices have changed.

What is your cancellation/change policy?

Our general cancellation policy is the following: The deposit is 100% refundable 30 days prior to the Tour Date, 50% 14 days prior, and 25% 7 days prior (with a minimum value of 25USD for us to initiate the transaction). For a no-show or last-minute cancellation, there is no refund of the deposit. Peru Moto Tours reserves the right to cancel or change a reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. If Peru Moto Tours has to cancel or change your reservation, this will be discussed with you as early as possible and a suitable arrangement, compensation, or alternative offered.


Do you have partners in other cities in Peru?

Peru Moto Tours is located in Cusco, Peru. We do not have any other branch offices in Peru but if we do have contacts that have what you are looking for, we will try to help. We have a lot of experience with travel, tours, and services all over Peru so please do not hesitate to ask. We have offered our help to many riders on their own motorcycles travelling through South America so we are always happy to help when we can.

Can I pickup/dropoff the motorcycle in another city?

There are not many motorcycle rental/tour companies in Peru that have their own motorcycles or experienced in the logistics of coordinating pickup/drop-offs in other cities. Send us your request and we will let you know if it is possible, what is the additional cost, and any other suggestions/recommendations related to the route you may be planning.

Do you offer Motorcycle Damage Insurance?

Yes, we offer Motorcycle Damage Insurance. We send this to you for your review when you receive your quote. Our policy only covers your motorcycle and includes theft/total loss. Any damage to other vehicles or third-party property is your responsibility to negotiate and settle. The policy functions with a deductible (the value of which depends on the model of motorcycle).

What is SOAT?

SOAT is the Peruvian national obligatory insurance for motorized vehicles. It is a basic mandatory insurance only valid in Peru. It covers only personal injury for a rider, passenger, and third party up to 6000USD in medical expenses per person in the event of an accident. This insurance is included in all our rentals. It should not exclude you from taking out travel medical insurance.

What is the process when I pickup my motorcycle?

When you arrive at our office, you will fill out our standard rental contract, leave a copy of your driver’s license, pay for the rental, leave the security deposit (usually as a pre-authorization on credit card), receive maps, the documents of the motorcycle, and any other accessories we have indicated will be provided for your trip (EG. Tools, tire changing equipment, straps, motorcycle equipment, etc). We will go through our tips for riding in Peru, your route, and any other special advice. We will take photos of your motorcycle, the mileage, and note the time of your departure. This takes about 10-30 minutes in total.

What is the process when I dropoff my motorcycle?

When you return your motorcycle to Peru Moto Tours, you will return the inventory of items given to you, the condition of the motorcycle will be reviewed, and mileage checked. If everything is okay, your security deposit will be returned to you.

Do I need an international driver’s license or specific motorcycle license in Peru?

You need good motorcycle experience to ride in Peru. There are many external factors – altitude, climate, road conditions, animals, and other drivers (impatient and aggressive) that are important to consider aside from your own experience. You can ride a motorcycle in Peru on a valid motorcycle license from your home country for up to six months from your date of entry into Peru. The International Driver’s License is not always requested but it is good to have (less reason for the police to hassle you). The International Driver’s License has the same period of validity in Peru (6 months from date of entry).

Do you offer tools, tire changing equipment, straps/bungees?

Yes, depending on the length of your trip, your tire changing experience, where you will be going, and which motorcycle you have chosen, we offer our riders chain lube, basic tools, straps/bungees, locks, tire changing equipment, spare tire tubes (only 20USD each if used), and other items to help you with your adventure.

I am not sure about my route – can you help?

Peru Moto Tours is happy to help with your route planning. We can provide a better idea of distances, travel time, tourist activities, and direction of travel if you have certain points of interest you are trying to cover. Our staff are riders with experience in travel all over South America and especially Peru. We will give you the tips that Google Maps can’t, Wikipedia doesn’t, and save you time running through all the rider forums as well.

Can I go to Bolivia from Peru?

Peru and Bolivia do not have a border-crossing agreement. We are unable to get the documentation for our motorcycles to leave Peru.

What other accessories do you offer?

Many of our motorcycles have aftermarket accessories like hand guards, side panniers, rear rack, skid plate, crash bars/engine guards, 12V plug, etc. Each motorcycle may have a different combination of these accessories. We have helmets (articulated, full face, mx-style), motorcycle jackets, motorcycle gloves (leather with Kevlar knuckles), motorcycle pants, motorcycle boots (mx-style, touring), body armour, and other clothing options. We have various models of tank bags, saddle bags, dry bags, locks, fuel containers, and other items that make your adventure more complete!

Can you help with hotels, transfers, and cultural tours?

Yes. Let us know what kind of hotels or tours you are looking for and we can explain what contacts we have and what special pricing we can offer as an agency (if any). We are experts in the Cusco region but also our network covers all of Peru!

Can you help me with GPS maps for Peru?

Yes, we can share with you .gpx files or send you links to mapping groups that you can subscribe to for free. The maps we have are for various neighboring countries, not just Peru.

What is the best time of year to ride?

It depends on what you want to see during your trip and how much time you have. Rainy season in the Andes is December to March but during this time of year, the countryside is green and full of activity and fewer tourists in many parts of Peru. The jungle and Cloud Forest areas are a little harder to navigate due to the rains (mud) and landslides/road closures. Along the coast during December to March is summer – hot and sunny.

For whatever time of year you want to plan your adventure to Peru, we can make some great suggestions. We always recommend all-weather riding gear for our clients – high altitudes are cold areas, rain can happen in the amazon/cloud forest sections year-round, and when the sun does come out, it can be pretty intense.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is an amount of money that Peru Moto Tours holds onto until you return with the motorcycle. Normally, we take a pre-authorization on your credit card – this is the easiest way. A pre-authorization blocks or freezes a part of your available credit limit. When the motorcycle is returned, this amount is unblocked. If there are damages to the motorcycle, the cost is not automatically deducted from your pre-authorization. You may choose to pay for the damages in cash or with a different credit/debit card.


I would like to join one of your long programs – is there a group I can join?

Please contact us and we can give you the latest news on Fixed Departure dates/confirmed tours. We can also offer all our Motorcycle Tours with a different number of riders (EG. 1 to 3 riders instead of the minimum 4) and the associated pricing.

I do not have very much experience on motorcycles – can I go on one of your tours?

It is very important to have good motorcycle riding experience before renting or joining one of our tours. There are many external factors in Peru to consider: other drivers (impatient, aggressive), animals, climate/altitude, and road conditions. If you feel like it has been a long time since you have been on a motorcycle or not sure of your ability, we offer riding lessons. There is no guarantee that we will allow you to join one of our tours – your safety and enjoyment is of primary concern to us and we will evaluate this seriously. It is not worth risking injury to yourself, paying a lot of money in damages, or ruining the rest of your vacation so please keep this in mind.

What if there is rain?

We operate rain or shine! If the climate is incredibly difficult, we can delay departure to wait it out at the beginning or during the day. It depends on the Tour and if you or the guide has other activities (EG. Another Tour or you have a flight/bus to catch). It is very rare we cancel due to bad weather but anything is possible! Also cancellations or route changes related to road closures from rains, etc may happen and are out of our control. In these situations, we try our best to seek an alternate route, activity, or reschedule.

Can I request a single room/not shared?

Yes, we can offer a single room during our Tours for an additional cost. All our Tours are based on double-occupancy. Where the hotel/hostal operates on a per person basis, we request single rooms.

What is the difference between an adventure guide and a cultural guide?

Our Adventure Guides are trained to handle our Tours relating to routes, mechanical issues, riding tips, and our itinerary. A Cultural Guide usually refers to someone who is more knowledgeable about the history, facts, and details about tourist sites (certain ones, usually not all). Our Adventure Guides have some knowledge about certain points of interest during your tour but maybe not as detailed as a Cultural Guide would be. Our guides are happy to answer your questions as best as possible about Peru, Peruvians, customs and culture, and anything else you may be interested in. We are more interested in guides that can guide well on motorcycle, understands our policies about managing tours and routes, and being prepared.


What is the process when I arrive for my Tour?

When you arrive at our office for your ATV Tour, each pilot will complete our standard contract, pay for the Tour, leave the security deposit (usually as a pre-authorization on a credit card), leave your email (so we can send you the photos after), and we will explain any additional options like other models and ATV Damage Insurance. We will present your guide and our private transport will take you to our Base. You will return to our office after the tour to cancel/confirm your pre-authorization and give feedback about the tour.

I do not have any experience on ATVs, can I still take your tour?

Our ATV Tours include riding lessons – for first-time pilots or experienced ones, our guide makes sure you are familiar with our model of ATV and that you can operate it safely and in control. Our ATVs are semi-automatic, easy to control, regularly maintained (usually not more than 1-2 years old), and utilitarian models that are more rugged for the route of our tours.

What if there is rain?

Our ATV Tours proceed rain or shine. It is actually more fun during the rainy season – puddles, mud, and less dust clouds. If you have a raincoat or poncho, please bring this along as the weather in the Andes is usually very unpredictable. If the rain/hail is heavy, we usually wait it out under a shelter if possible.

Can you pick me up from Urubamba/Ollantaytambo?

Our ATV tours include departure/return from our office in Cusco. If you would like a pickup/return to your hotel in Urubamba/Sacred Valley, we can coordinate this for an additional cost. The timing of the tours is the same.

Will I see any archaeological sites on the Tour?

The only tour that visits an archaeological site is ATV Maras, Moray, Salineras. The objective with our ATV Tours is to have fun on the ATV, see the Peruvian countryside, and get a closer look at the rural life of Peru. Most archaeological sites do not allow ATVs too close to protect them so we try to respect this and design our routes allowing our clients to see interesting parts of Peru but not endangering the cultural heritage.

Can I rent an ATV?

ATVs are not allowed to circulate on major roadways in Peru so we do not rent ATVs. If you have a special request (need an ATV for doing a survey or community project), you can send us an email with your request.


How many hours would I need to take to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

There is no general rule on how many hours are required to learn how to ride a motorcycle. It depends on your previous experience, understanding of gears and clutch, personal comfort, and coordination. Usually, if you have never been on a motorcycle before, we suggest doing 1-2 hours to start and then doing another 1-2 hours another day. There is no guarantee that you will be ready for a tour with us after, your own experience is an important factor in your safety and enjoyment but there are many other things to consider as well.