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All payments can be made by credit card, payment link or in cash. Guarantee deposits are exclusively by credit card. Once a deposit has been cancelled, the entire process of returning the money to your line of credit is the responsibility of your bank.


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The daily rental rate, as well as the deposit amount, are determined by the Price List in effect when you sign this Agreement. The standard payment method is credit card or payment link. Payment by cash or debit card requires our prior authorization.

You permit us to reserve against your payment card (or, if we choose, take a cash deposit) at the time of rental a reasonable amount in addition to the estimated total charges. We may use the reserve or deposit to pay all Charges. We will authorize the release of an excess reserve (or return of a cash deposit) at completion of your rental if no additional Charges are payable. Your payment card issuer’s rules will apply to crediting your account for any excess, which may not be immediately released by your card issuer.

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