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Diving in Paracas


Half Day (03 hours approx.)

Departures :

Year Round

Distance :

10 km

Max. Altitude:

700 msnm


Paracas is one of the best places in Peru to practice diving, its blue and turquoise waters make this adventure sport an unforgettable experience that most people want to relive. With our PADI certified instructors, you will learn in a personalized and didactic way, an easy and fast technique to be able to breathe underwater with all the security and confidence you have. First, we will start with a snorkeling session to gain confidence in the sea. Then, with the accompaniment of the instructor, we will carry out the dive with the autonomous diving equipment, managing to breathe underwater. Next, you will be able to explore incredible places between reefs and the abundant marine biodiversity of Paracas. The underwater adventure will be recorded through underwater videos and photos and you will take home a nice memory. End of the tour. Diving in Paracas.


Approximately 3 hours depending on your skill and ability (1 hour of roundtrip transportation, 1 hour of instruction and 1 hour of adventure under the sea).


  • Paracas National Reserve


  •   Complete diving equipment (wetsuit, fins, compensator, weight belt, diving tank and regulator)
  •   PADI certified dive guide
  •   Underwater photos and videos
  •   Transportation from the boarding office in Paracas to the diving area
  •   Refreshments and moisturizers
  •   Video/photos of the tour


  •   Pick up and/or return to your hotel located in Paracas
  •   Food
  •   Paracas National Reserve tourist ticket (adults S/ 11.00 | Children S/ 5.00)
  •  Optional: Transfers in/out Paracas


  •   Photos and videos will only be delivered via whatsapp and/or email (does not include editing).
  •    Send clothing and shoe sizes.
  •    Reservations in advance and availability check.


  • It takes place in Paracas Bay, Atenas beach: It is located on the southeast side of the Paracas Peninsula. The beach has a horseshoe shape, and the hills that surround it protect it, preventing the strong winds common in the area. Its water is very clean, crystal clear, calm, emerald in color and has a white sand substrate on its shores.
  • Distance: The distance depends on the experience of the person. Newcomers to this sport are recommended to dive between 2 to 8 meters. While experienced and certified divers can dive to more than 20 meters.
  • Level: No experience is required to practice diving, here they can give you your first class, and all you need to have are basic swimming fundamentals and, above all, the desire to want to live this great experience.


  • $200 per person.

from: $ 200.00